In search of the harmonious human being

Wtf is this website?

Welcome, fellow hobos and voyagers, to my humble hobo hideaway on the world wide web.

As a bumbling junior acolyte of E.J. Gold’s profound teachings, I’ve turned my perpetual quest for enlightenment into this ragtag digital assemblage. It's really just a sort of digital bindle, which in this case holds my fledgling understandings of the magnificent and incredibly practical ideas Gold offers us, from practical work on self to the quest for the harmonious human being.

I extend a ragged, yet heartfelt, tip of my hobo hat to IDHHB, for it’s they who’ve made this undertaking possible. If you are a Friend of The Work, I invite you to sift through this digital knapsack. Who knows what you may find?

So, strap on your bindles and join me in this hobo's quest for knowledge, laughter, and perhaps, just perhaps, a taste of actual understanding.

“May this be used for the benefit of all beings everywhere.”