Alternative Healthcare for Everyone

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Are you (literally) sick and tired of living in a high-stress society with a substandard healthcare system? Sadly, the situation doesn't look likely to improve any time soon. You may need to consider an unconventional solution to your healthcare problems.

Heal and Protect Yourself Without Doctors and Hospitals

Have you considered using pure magic to heal and protect yourself? Don't worry, you don't need a special wand, weird disgusting ingredients, nor magic words. Instead, you can do it the way traditional civilizations have done it for thousands of years.

Dhyani Buddha Akshobhya Thangka iPhone Case
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What traditional civilizations have known and exploited is the fact that symbols have power. Carl Jung talked about symbols as the language of the unconscious mind, including the mysterious collective unconscious. Symbols allow us to access ideas, energies, and spaces we normally would be unable to perceive, archetypes larger than our own individual selves.

Objects of Everyday Use Can Carry Powerful Blessings and Prayers

Another trick known to ancient and traditional civilizations was the idea of inscribing objects of everyday use with symbols or images associated with healing, transcendence, enlightenment, or power of any kind desired. Each time the object is used, the blessing or prayer associated with it is automatically activated.

Chen-Rig Temple Hand-Sewn Weather Resistant Tote Bag
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You'll never know unless you try. When the "system" is failing, maybe it's time to try something "new". What have you got to lose?

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