The Lazy Man's Guide to Death and Dying

The Lazy Man's Guide to Death and Dying

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The Lazy Man's Guide to Death and Dying by E.J. Gold

Trade paperback.

If you're thinking about dying, but don't know where to begin—relax! Here at long last is the worthy successor to the New American Book of the Dead, capturing the true essence of death—American style. Earthbound voyagers set adrift in the unveiled vision of the Diffused State will quickly learn to use this ultimate tourist's guide to the local customs of strange lands on the High Road to Consciousness, which painlessly allows the inner being to absorb information about transit, bypassing the analytical ego through the intentional use of humor. From exact instructions on how to confront the syptoms of death—“After all you're dead! What more can happen?”—to concise and detailed material on how to choose rebirth without really trying, The Lazy Man's Guide to Death and Dying is without a doubt the last word in the field of books on the death experience.

A reader's review

“I am currently working with, i.e. reading and reflecting on The Lazy Man's Guide to Death and Dying. It is a very very funny book. Since I love humor, (and who doesn't), the book keeps my attention naturally and easily focused on subject matter which I would probably not normally be interested in, i.e. the passing of the being into the afterlife states as framed by the Tibetans. Ok, even if I were vaguely intrigued, and thought that it might help me as I will surely lie on my death bed some day, would I read about such subject matter if it wasn't presented in a way that's completely enjoyable? Very possibly not. I mean, who wants to chop their way through the dense forests of the Tibetan texts? Those guys are just way out in front of us. And I really doubt that I would work my way through the book as I am now, trying to glean what the author is really saying, taking my time and dare I say, even reading it for the benefit of someone else if it wasnt presented in this humorous and witty fashion. OK I have to tell you other people who I love. Terry Pratchett, Robert Sheckley, Zelazney, Douglas Adams too. The guys who write passages you can read and chuckle about all week long. So I highly recommend this book.”

—Grant Abrams

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