Crystal Quantum Radio Beta-Blocker Technology FAQ

NOTE TO THE READER: The technologies discussed on this page could be said to belong to fringe or near-fringe realms of physics. In other words, these are scientific applications that are not necessarily widely understood or accepted. Many of the principles involved often seem to blur the boundary between science, metaphysics, the paranormal, and even the spiritual.

Examples of such principles include:

  • Quantum and subquantum physics technologies, applications, and tools;
  • "Wormhole" or "portal" technology and similar applications of zero-point phenomena;
  • Various types of subtle and/or exotic energy and the effects these energies produce in the human body;
  • Applied M-theory, brane-theory, parallel-worlds theory, alternate dimensions, etc.
Classic CQR Beta-Blocker Amulet
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Remember: yesterday's magic is today's science. Therefore, today's magic is tomorrow's science.

What is a Crystal Quantum Radio?

The Crystal Quantum Radio (CQR), also known as the "Spirit Radio," is essentially a highly modified version of the very same crystal radio technology that was developed to make long-distance military communication possible during World War I. The radio circuitry has been adapted to enable and facilitate communication between dimensions or parallel worlds. This can result in enhancement of the user's radiance, connectedness, and harmonious integration, and in general the amplification and enhancement of psychic phenomena and the harmonious and full-textured manifestation of the human being.

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Unlike modern radios, which use digital frequency modulation technology, CQRs use analog amplitude modulation technology. There are many other differences in the circuitry that would cause many a modern electrical engineer to scratch her head in confusion.

For example, CQRs appear—at first glance—to have no power source at all. In fact, the circuits are powered by the ambient radio waves passing through the space occupied by the CQR. These include both man-made radio waves and natural electromagnetic phenomena including Earth-generated signals, Star-generated signals, and the residual background radiation from the Big Bang.

How do Crystal Quantum Radios work?

Crystal Quantum Radios work based on a combination of conventional analog radio technology and little-understood applied quantum technology.

Conventional Analog Radio Technology

The CQR devices use conventional analog radio technology in a completely different way.

Pineal Pinger Crystal Quantum Radio Beta-Blocker Amulet

To understand how this works, let's look at the Pineal Pinger CQR amulet as an example (pictured right).

The circuit here has only a few components: a diode (the clear tube), a resistor (the beige tube with stripes), a capacitor (the orange disc), and a spiral of green copper wire. The circuit is a simple loop: the current flows from the diode, through the spiral and the resistor/capacitor wired in parallel, then back into the diode.

At this point you may be wondering, "if this is a Crystal Quantum Radio, where's the crystal?" The answer is in the old-fashioned germanium diode. These diodes are hard to get because they are barely used any more. They contain a tiny germanium crystal, which in fact is the heart of the CQR.

This crystal "receives" both earthbound and cosmic radio waves by filtering only the positive part of each passing electromagnetic wave. You could think of this crystal as a little pump pushing electrons along through the circuit in tiny pulses, always pushing in the same direction. The parallel-wired capacitor and resistor set up a specific harmonically resonant waveform, in other words a tuned frequency or oscillation. The copper wire spiral acts as an induction loop, in other words an amplifier and transducer.

This is what creates the near-magical (i.e., "hot") quantum vortex at the center of the amulet, where the magnetic field pulses according to the rhythm of the received, filtered, and modulated waveform.

Quantum Technology

Although the ideas of quantum physics, higher dimensions, realms of existence beyond time and space, synchronicity and far more are now well-known to our leading scientists, it is still very unusual to see this kind of technology in practical application and available for use by anyone. This is new.

In fact, much of what we will are now coming to understand as applied quantum technology is very similar to operations which in the past have been referred to as either "magic" or "spiritual", depending on the context within which said operation took place.

This is also an area where pure science and psychic phenomena are blending together as we come to understand the astonishing importance of the "Observer" who, according to quantum physics, not only observes reality but plays an integral role in its creation.

How Was the Beta-Blocker Crystal Quantum Radio invented?

E.J. Gold created the first experimental model of the Beta-Blocker Crystal Quantum Radio circuit in 2009.

Visitors to E.J.'s studio tested the device and quickly confirmed the surprising effects of his first prototype crystal radio. These first observations led to the development of the Super Beacon, Zone Box, Generators, Amulets, and all the other amazing Beta-Blocker CQR tools now available.

SuperBeacon Interdimensional Communication Device
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As E.J. explains in the preface to his book Parallel Worlds Explored, his original intention was to create a Ghost Radio or Spirit Radio to facilitate communication between the living and the intelligences of the disembodied spirit world. This worked very well indeed, and it still does, which you can easily verify for yourself.

Beta-Blocking, which is now understood to be the primary purpose of all CQR devices, emerged as a totally unexpected effect. However, Beta-Blocking soon became the primary focus of all Crystal Quantum Radio research and application because it is so powerful, useful, and flexible.

What is Beta-Blocking?

Beta-Blocking, as the term is understood in the Crystal Quantum Radio world, relies on a modified classic crystal radio circuit tuned to some close harmonic of the "High Theta" brainwave range, otherwise known as the "psychic-intuitive" brainwave range, which is around 7.8 Hz (Hz = cycles per second). This vibrational frequency is also known as the "Schumann Harmonic," "World Resonance," or "Music of the Stars."

In general terms, a Beta-Blocker CQR device produces a relatively weak electromagnetic waveform that produces a "homeopathic" influence on the much stronger electromagnetic waveforms produced by your own brain and nervous system. This works much in the same way as a pair of tuning forks: the smaller fork gets a tap, and the larger fork begins to vibrate—without being touched directly—by harmonic resonance.

This produces the effect known as Beta-Blockage, when the ideal psychic-intuitive state becomes temporarily dominant. From this state, all the latent powers of the mind become far more accessible.