E.J. Gold: If You Have Good Medicine and Bad Luck, You Might as Well Have Bad Medicine

In today's 2-minute talk, E.J. Gold explores a series of unusual questions:

  • How much does luck/karma determine the course of your life?
  • When is the best time to clean up your karma?
  • What can you do with pain?
  • Which is better: good medicine with bad luck, or bad medicine with good luck?

“Just to try to understand how important luck is in your life, and how important your karma really is. How much it determines the course of your life.

“And if you can clean that up now, what better time to do it? When are you gonna wait until? Until you have more time? You'll never have more. You'll never have more time than you have right now. That's a fact.

“If you can't handle it now, you won't be able to handle it then either. So, either learn to handle it, or give up. That's really the options.

“Does it hurt? Yeah, of course it does. Is there pain? Yeah, there's pain. Oh, cut that out, don't worry about that. Just work through it.

“You work through the pain for two reasons. One is you can't do a damn thing about it, except maybe ameliorate it. Maybe alleviate it. Maybe. But secondly, more importantly, because when you do work through it, you bring a higher force into action. So.

“Anyway, but you need luck. Like I said, look, if you have good medicine and bad luck, you might as well have bad medicine. It's no better. In fact, I'd rather have … rather have bad medicine and good luck than good medicine and bad luck, because the bad luck is more powerful than any medicine. Actually, I'd rather not have bad medicine at all, but bad luck is much worse.”