E.J. Gold: When You're in a Lucky Streak, You're in a Lucky Streak

In today's 5-minute talk, E.J. Gold explains:

  • how good and bad luck flip around,
  • how to know when you've hit a lucky streak, and
  • what to do when you find you're in a lucky streak.

Enjoy the talk.

“Where luck is really visible is not in … not even in your health picture so much. It impacts, though.

“If you have good medicine and everything's going well, and then suddenly something impacts… See, that impact has to be either dodged, or deflected, or something. So by getting lucky, you have the dodge of that impact.

“It's sheer fucking luck. It's just dumb luck. It didn't hit you. It should've, it could've, it must've, but it didn't. Somehow, you narrowly escaped certain destruction.

“If you have a good business, a good partner, good employees, this is great. If you're management, or owner, or a worker, you have a good business, and the business is happy, and the environment is very happy. But if it's bad luck, the plant goes broke all of a sudden for no particular reason, it's just bad luck.

“A client cancelled because their mother got sick. This actually happened to us. And suddenly you're out, like $200,000. Your whole business collapses. But then, the very next day, you get a quarter-million dollar commission to do a … and so forth.

“You know, good luck bad luck good luck bad luck. And they do flip. They flip around.

“You need to learn how to jump with the good luck and hold back with the bad. Most people do exactly the opposite. They advance during times of bad luck and they hold back during times of good luck, thinking that they're afraid for the good luck, they might do something do damage it or louse it up.

“You can't. When you're in a lucky streak, you're in a lucky streak.

“When you hit gold, when you see that first pebble of gold, that first nugget, that's an indicator that you're in the streak somewhere.

“Then it's just a question of locating yourself in the streak. Where am I in the streak? How far am I in it? Can I afford to press my bets here?

“Because that's the time. When you're feeling good, you're feeling on, you're feeling right, everything's going good, everything's clicking, isn't that the best time to take actions and do things, do new things, try new things, engage in new partnerships, or in ventures of various kinds, and so on? Right? Whatever it is. A great time to go shopping. Whatever it might be.

“You're feeling great. Everything's going your way. Everything is just dancing, going with you.

“What, this is not the time, see, to sit and cower and cover yourself up and watch daytime television. It's time to get out on the street, bounce around, do some dancing.

“Do you get what I'm saying? It's your lucky streak. Don't deny your lucky streak. So that's the main point. Don't deny them. Don't disallow yourself the lucky streaks by fearing that you'll interrupt the lucky streak by doing something. Nothing you do is going to interrupt it.

“The lucky streak is there. You don't have to take advantage, you don't have to do anything about it, you can just ignore it if you like. But it's there anyway. You're going to go through it regardless of whether you like it, dislike it, respond to it, don't respond to it, are aware of it, are not aware of it, and so on.

“Those things are all, you know, part of how you react to good things. How much self-esteem do you need, I guess, to respond well to opportunities, to lucky streaks?”