E.J. Gold: You Have to Be in the Flow to See Luck

In this 4-minute talk, E.J. Gold gives a lesson on seeing luck. The main idea seems to have something to do with being in the flow, knowing what's going on, inviting luck into your life, testing your luck, recognizing your luck, and finally, learning to give help.

“You have to really be in the flow to see the difference between every day and special day, between ordinary procession of events and lucky events.

“You just wouldn't see it, but a professional gambler will see that. They'll know exactly what the hell's going on. If they're slightly luckier, they'll know.

“And some of them do carry a rabbit's foot, or a lucky die, or a pair of lucky dice. Some of them do carry a lucky coin, or a lucky touchstone, or a lucky nugget, or a variety of lucky things.

“Sometimes, some gamblers will wear a bunch of lucky stuff, just to be lucky. Lucky belt buckle. Lucky shoes. Lucky pen. Lucky watch. Whatever it is they can load on themselves that's lucky, and then they go to the tables, and they test their luck.

“They invite Fortuna, the goddess of luck, to reward them for their devotion.

“How luck works. You have to have a baseline. You have to know how lucky you are to begin with.

“So, for instance, if you take a drug that magnifies your manifestations, and you are an asshole to begin with, you'll be a magnified asshole by the time you're finished.

“So gambling isn't the only form of luck, you understand. Well, it sort of is, because you're gambling every minute you take a breath, but yeah, you know, I'm willing to put that aside for the moment and just say, ‘All right, let's address it this way.’

“There have been a lot of things in your life that didn't result in your death, but could have. That's luck. Being here to tell the tale is luck. By any definition, that's luck. Doesn't mean it's good. It's luck.

“Good? What is good? Are you happy that you're here? No, of course you're not happy that you're here, but here you are. Who the hell is happy that they're here?

“Life sucks, then you die, but then, life sucks again, and then you die again, and then life sucks once more, and then after that, guess what happens next?

“Now, you know, you're not going to get any help until you can give some help. Do you know that?