E.J. Gold: Your Luck Is Your Karma

In this 2-minute talk, E.J. Gold talks about luckinesses, karma, the opportunity of sharing your luck with others, and a non-dualistic approach to duality.


“Those are measurably lucky. I've got other luckinesses. So do you! You've got luckinesses you can't …

“If you look back, you'll see you lived through some things you shouldn't have lived through. You. Should. Not. Have. Lived. Through. You're still walking the streets, you should not still be walking the streets.

“You have lucked out in many, many ways. With your family, your friends, your situation, your jobs. All that stuff worked out perfectly to bring you here, right now. So you're very lucky also.

“You don't have to actually increase your luckiness. You are already lucky. If you are hearing my voice, you are already a lucky one.

“You have the option, you have the opportunity of bringing that luck, sharing that luck, to others. That is the ultimate. To share your luck, it's like sharing your blood.

“Your luck is your karma. Your karma is your blood, your blood of life.

“As you work off your karma, you also are working off the karma of others to whom you are connected momentarily. You're helping them by helping to reduce their karmic load as you reduce your own.

“As above so below; as below so above; as this way, that way; as sideways, inside out and outside in and so forth and so on, expansion and contraction both at the same time, et cetera et cetera.

“So that is … that's a non-duality way of looking at duality. Non-dualistic approach to duality. There, how's that for a title? A Non-Dualistic Approach to Duality.”