Aka Dua Level 3 Mastery Initiation

Aka Dua Level 3 Mastery Initiation

  • $500.00

Combine and Master All 7 Aka Dua Modalities and Pass the Aka Dua On to Others

This Level is achieved by a precise tweak of the assemblage point and can only be done by an Aka Dua Level 4 Adept or higher. Aka Dua Level 3 Mastery allows you to combine all seven modalities to a degree far greater than you will ever be able to otherwise.

At this Level, you begin to gain mastery of the alchemical substance produced by the Aka Dua, and you master the modalities. You are also able to pass it on to others. The directions on how to do so and much more with your Level 3 are shared and further explored through personal coaching, classes, workshops, and more.

Level 3 Mastery Initiation, like Aka Dua transmissions, can be given in person and remotely. I use Skype, Zoom, or the telephone for remote work.

To learn more about the Aka Dua, visit our Aka Dua FAQ.

Aka Dua, Innermost Light

Refund Policy

Cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled Aka Dua initiation to receive a full refund.

No refunds after the initiation has been administered.

About Aka Dua, by Level 4 Aka Dua Adept Viento de Octubre

Viento de Octubre, Level 4 Aka Dua Adept

"Koyote the Blind manifested the Aka Dua and began transmitting it in 2006 in private, and for about a year, it was nameless and exclusive to only his inner circle of students.

"In 2007, he released it to the world. In 2016, he initiated and trained a group of warriors into the magical and shamanic technology of The Diaphanous Shell, which allows the adept to hold the sacred charge of the Aka Dua Level 4.

"A handful had already crossed over into the Level 4, but were lacking the Diaphanous Shell technology, which was created by Koyote so that the charge of the Level 4 can further evolve. It changed all of us, and he charged us all with the spreading and furthering of this alchemical force of light, just like Ce Acatl did with his priesthood of Toltec warriors centuries ago when he migrated with them, sending his priests and priestesses out into the world—not to conquer, but to assimilate the culture and spread the teachings.

"It is known that Ce Acatl’s lineage reached as far as what is now called El Salvador, in Central America, where a tribe known as Pipiles (“Children”) absorbed the sacred teachings into their very culture. Koyote was born in that land.

"We are a Toltec party. We are of the 4th Way, Thelemites, priests and priestesses, shamans of a new aeon, all carrying a sacred charge which initiated aeons ago. We are blending into the world of men as human beings, as business owners, family members, farmers, energy workers, ring-makers, dancers, Pipe Holders, dreamers, doctors, teachers, students, and just about every role there is.

"We hold the Aka Dua in the light, and some, in the shadows. A few of us promote it as business and a modality, as healing and transformational and alchemical and tantric and angelic. A few others are only using it within. Regardless of the way, we are all forming a web we call The Matrix of Light, and we are each of us individually transforming the reality of the land we travel across as a result.

"To receive your Level 1 Aka Dua Transmission, which is an initiation in its own right, you may contact any Level 3 Master or Level 4 Adept, including myself. In my video, Aka Dua, I also provide a very small and incomplete list of Level 4 Adepts able to initiate you and train you all the way up from Level 1 to Level 3. We have all been using it in a very intimate way, infusing our hearts, our teachings, and our work; there is a lot of variety and flavor. Collectively, we are all training practitioners on how to use their Aka Dua for healing, transformation, in magick, shamanism, tantra, and more.

"Koyote is currently the only one initiating Aka Dua Masters into Level 4 Adepts, to whom he passes on the technology of the Diaphanous Shell, which is the next step for Level 3 Masters."

Viento de Octubre, Level 4 Aka Dua Adept

To learn more about Viento de Octubre and his work, visit his awesome website and blog.

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