The Brane-Power® Logbook for use with your beta-blockers

Brane-Power Logbook

  • $19.95

An Incredible Tool for Rediscovering Yourself

Spiral-bound, 5" x 7" notebook, color cover.

Your Brane-Power Logbook is an incredible tool for many things: reviving long-lost skills; improving memory and attention; expansion of consciousness and awareness; recognizing and stabilizing a sense of existence far above and beyond space, time and organic life. However, as this is a workbook, you must actually use it in order to get these benefits.

NOTE: This is primarily a log book for you to write in as you record your SuperBeacon work. Its contents include a 2-page introduction describing the process of seeking, recovering, and harmonizing Parallel Universe Personae into the present homeworld universe in technical language; a 2-page preface with practical instructions on how to use the logbook; and nearly 200 logbook pages with space provided for you to record the date, duration, intention, results, realizations, and conclusions from your SuperBeacon sessions. This logbook is intended for use with the SuperBeacon, especially when used together with the 12 Level Voyager Training Program.

From the Author's Preface by SuperBeacon Inventor E.J. Gold

"Actually, since the logbook is written largely by yourself, the preface should be by you, but that's not the way it works, I'm told ... so I'm writing this little "author's preface" to introduce you to the basic logbook concept.

"A logbook is emphatically NOT a journal. It may take on some of the aspects of a journal, but is generally not as complete.

"If you want to make a journal of your beta-blocker experiences, I recommend that you work from this logbook as a starting point, but then take your journaling into, perhaps, Open Office or some such word-processing program, and type it out, unless you're one of those who prefer hand-scribed journals, in which case, you might want one of those fancy Japanese journals.

"Some experiences require a great deal of exposition, and some don't. You'll find that it will vary greatly, and so journal entries don't really fit into the snug compactness of a logbook."

What People Are Saying About the Beacon Work Logbook

"I have finished the first level of 30 inductions. I write this log page to 'decompress' from the experience and to organize my thoughts about it while allowing the new PUP (Parallel Universe Personae) to integrate. I think this log page helps me to be more open about my experiences and to give me a feeling of completion about the experience when I am finished listening to the induction."

—M.A., Grass Valley, California

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