Daily Practice Induction CD by Brane-Power® Founder E.J. Gold for use with the Beacon™, the Super Beacon™ and the Portable Super Beacon™

Daily Practice

  • $16.97

A Daily SuperBeacon Practice for Amazing Spirit and Psychic Results

NOTE: The Daily Practice inductions are designed to work together with your SuperBeacon

By popular request, E.J. Gold has created (and reads for you) daily practice inductions you can use with your SuperBeacon.

This induction can be used 24/7/365, anytime day or night, as often as you wish, for as long a session as you want.

It has unlimited usage and will produce some amazing spirit and psychic results!

What People Are Saying About the Daily Practice Inductions

"Practice, practice, practice. Allow this powerful induction to transport you to a level outside of space and time—an ancient space, a sacred space. Use this daily and come to KNOW that this space is always there and that it is real. Practice, practice, practice"

—Jedrik, Grass Valley, California

"It pulls me out of identification with my ordinary routine, my ordinary consensus reality."

—Marvel Lane, Penn Valley, California

"I used the Daily Practice Induction with my Super Beacon for the first time last night just before going to sleep. I had the most incredible, multi-level (in more ways than one) dream I have ever remembered, which ended with watching the spirit of a little girl leave her body. I am looking forward to tonight!"

—Joyce G., Montreal

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