Inside Outside Music CD by E.J. Gold cover art

Inside Outside

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If Being had a voice, what would it sound like? Older than recorded history, the pure tonality of the flute seems consistently to tickle, cajole and elevate the spirit, momentarily lifting the veil and turning it inside out.

This is a solo flute album by E.J. Gold whose instinctive playing of the instrument guides the voyaging listener across a wide and rich exo-terrain.

Each one of these compositions is an invitation to essence, a dispatch from far beyond the human realm. They give a rare opportunity to hear, with acute clarity, the breath of Mr. Gold as it plays through the silver, wand-like chamber of a Gemeinhardt flute.

Track List

  1. Preface to a Waking Dream
  2. Interdimensional Conversation
  3. Early Bird Special
  4. Weapon of Mass Creation
  5. Touch the Sky
  6. Toast of the Idiots
  7. Conspiracy
  8. Across the Sea
  9. Fog Upon Wharftown
  10. Travelling Monk
  11. Oasis
  12. Silence in Between
  13. Cautiously Advancing
  14. Scenic Vista Point
  15. Flintstone
  16. Tabula Rasa
  17. Exceed in Delicacy
  18. Wheels Within Wheels
  19. Waiting
  20. Breath of the Temple
  21. Help From Above


© 2006 Cloister Recordings
Produced by E.J. Gold
All compositions published by Union Label Music
Engineered by Oz Fritz
Recording Artist: E.J. Gold—Gemeinhardt flute
Graphic design by Marvette Kort
Cover art: Inside Outside, E.J. Gold, charcoal, pencil signed, © 1987

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