Jina Buddha Ratnasambhava Thangka Socks

  • $23.90

Artwork is printed using a high heat and pressure system, resulting in bold, crisp colors that won’t fade. Each sock is individually printed in the USA, so each sock is be unique.

  • Materials: 60% Nylon, 22% Cotton, 18% Spandex
  • Cushioned for maximum comfort
  • Thick ribbing for secure fit
  • Non-fade colors
  • Care of: cold wash with like colors and hang dry

"The socks are great. They are thinner than I expected, which actually works out perfectly for me! :)"

- Stephanie B.

This Jina Buddha Ratnasambhava thangka was painted between 1150-1225 in a Kadampa monastery in central Tibet. The Jinas refer to the five Dyhani Buddhas, which represent the five negative delusions that plague the human form, as well as the possibility to transform each of the five delusions into an aspect of enlightenment. The Jina Buddha Ratnasambhava transforms the poisonous human trait of pride into the wisdom of interconnection, oneness, and non-dual reality.

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