Lazy Man's Guide to Death and Dying Audiobook CD Set Read by E.J. Gold cover art

Lazy Man's Guide to Death and Dying Audiobook CD Set

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This modern book of the dead is technically out of print, but this audiobook version is still available. Delivered as a set of 4 CDs.

“Don't worry about those strange new sensations and cosmic thoughts. They're not important. After all, you're dead. What more can happen?

“If you're thinking about dying but don't know where to begin—relax! The Hi-Tech Shaman will provide a guided tour of all the strange lands on the High Road to Consciousness.

“Learn instantly, the lazy man's way, how to confront the symptoms of death, hang out in white light regions, keep cool in the face of a hallucination blitzkrieg and finally, if the necessity arises, how to choose a good rebirth without really trying.”


© 2000 Cloister Recordings
Produced by E.J. Gold
Music © 1985 E.J. Gold (BMI)
Recorded & mixed at Heavenly Studios, Sacramento, CA
Engineered by Gary Woltman & John Baccigaluppi
Mastered for CD by Oz Fritz
Recording Artists: Menlo Macfarlane—piano, E.J. Gold—all other instruments
Front cover art by Tom X.
4-CD set

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