Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

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Banish with 11 Taps

A charm that contains the formula of the Lesser Banishment Ritual of the Pentagram. The wielder is able to simply tap 3-5-3 times (tap-tap-tap, tap-tap-tap-tap-tap, tap-tap-tap) and produce the effects of a banishment within herself.

Anyone with the most basic ability with energy work and the knowledge and ability to perform a banishment will be able to banish the external space as well. All you have to do is hold the charm after activating it (3-5-3) and send the emanations originating in the chest or heart chakra through the use of the charm outward into the surrounding space, the circle, or the chamber. Hold until you sense the space is banished.

What is the LBRP Charm Good For?

The LBRP Charm is designed to banish in preparation for a work circle, before an altar, for prayer, meditation, invocation, and any sacred work and magical work that requires a circle of protection.

Use this charm to banish elementals and to balance your inner state before beginning your sacred work. Use it at the office when you do not have time or room to perform your banishment ritual and you need to elevate yourself from a negatively charged mental and emotional state. Use it whenever you need to pray silently and wish to remain invisible.

In essence, negative manifestations can be banished as well, but that is not coming from the charm. That is coming from your intent to access the sacred space. The charm only helps you to achieve the desired inner state for such work, much in the way a jacket will help you weather the cold, not necessarily banish the cold weather.

Forging an LBRP Charm, by Viento de Octubre, Creator of the LBRP Charm

Viento de Octubre preparing for a Tarot reading

"The Lesser Banishment Ritual of the Pentagram Charm is forged using stacked magick. It is a combination of spells and charms put together in a specific sequence to produce a larger effect.

"I use pure and solid, 36 gauge copper circles to emboss the symbols and create the charms. I stalk them in a particular sequence and place them into an acrylic, crystal clear plastic coin capsule.

"I then cleanse, purify, and bless my charms before submitting them to the alchemical furnace and imbuing them with the magical properties ascribed to them."

How to Use the LBRP Charm, by Viento de Octubre

"This special charm is modeled after and tuned to one of the most powerful rituals out there.

"This magical item is activated by tapping on it with a finger tip or a knuckle in this manner:

  1. Tap three times: tap-tap-tap.
  2. Tap five times: tap-tap-tap-tap-tap.
  3. Tap three times: tap-tap-tap.

"The first three taps trigger the effects of the Kabbalistic Cross, which is the beginning of the Banishment Ritual, basically connecting your spine to the depths of the planet and to the infinite space above, all while nailing you to the horizontal plane. In this way, you release everything you are to the Will of God.

"The five taps open a magical circle of protection. It is lined with pentagrams that hang in the astral plane, one at each of the directions (beginning with the east, following clockwise to the south, then the west, then the north). Four Archangels are invoked, each one stands with a pentagram as their shield, and the pentagrams then begin to flame. Then, in the center, which is also your heart, the Clear Light appears, piercing through. This is the Ritual, basically. It is actually an invocation, one in which the Archangels banish anything within the circle which does not resonate with their radiance.

"The last three taps invoke the Kabbalistic Cross again, this time to seal the circle as a cleansed, purified, and consecrated space, worthy of God's presence."

About My Work, by Viento de Octubre

"Divination is a conversation with the sacred. The cards are best employed to navigate life with more elegance. Bring me your life questions. Let's explore your path and current situation ...

"In an effort to further define my work, I came up with Viento’s Reading Chamber. It is a combination of decades of work in guiding the dead and bardo voyaging; shamanic training in the Dreaming, astral voyaging, shadow dancing, shapeshifting, working with elementals, Diaphanous Shell technology (including time-travel, lifetime accesses points, other-lives message retrieval, and more); 4th Way work on presence and attention, awakening the machine; Aka Dua transformational energy work; sex magick; work with yoga, meditation, banishment, purification, consecration, invocation, evocation, the pursuit of the Knowledge and Conversation of my Holy Guardian Angel; and tarot. All of which is an act of Devotion in response to Aspiration—the call to the sacred.

"The tarot is, in this case, a honing device, or a magnifying glass, or a scrying mirror. It is a tool that allows me to quickly access specific chambers within the bardos, all with the intent to offer help to the essential self—from the passages of the bardo all the way to their current incarnation.

"We'll see where it goes."

To learn more about Viento de Octubre and his work, visit his awesome website and blog.

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