Mysteries of the Meteorite by E.J. Gold cover art

Mysteries of the Meteorite

  • $16.97

An appropriate album title for the mood and spaces evoked while listening to E.J. Gold playing original compositions on sax.

This freeform jazz, solo sax release by E.J. Gold reveals the nine rituals of the Mysteries of the Meteorite. Each track provides the sound for performing each ritual. Follow step by step these voyaging spaces and allow the music to guide you through.

The front and back covers showcase two of Gold's striking, rarely-seen pastels.

Track List

  1. The Cleansing
  2. The Energizing
  3. The Magnetizing
  4. The Alignment
  5. The Balance
  6. The Illumination
  7. The Powering
  8. The Equalization
  9. The Containment


© 2006 Cloister Recordings
Produced by E.J. Gold
All compositions published by Union Label Music
Engineered by Oz Fritz
Recording Artist: E.J. Gold - Alto sax
Graphic design by Marvette Kort
Front cover art: Body of God, E.J. Gold, pastel on velour paper, © 2000
Back cover art: Very Still Life, E.J. Gold, pastel on velour paper, © 2000

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