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Our Most Popular Crystal Quantum Radio Amulet

This Prosperity Beta Blocker CQR Amulet is a fully functional crystal quantum radio circuit and a stunning piece of handicrafted artistic jewelry made from high-precision analog electronic components, all in one. It comes set in your choice of solid .925 sterling silver bezel: coin-edge or hand-braded real-rope, ready to hang on your favorite chain or cord.

Comes as a stand-alone device or bundled with the Prosperity Affirmation Induction.

This quantum technology device makes it easy for you to access your own natural abundance energy. When you live in abundance, you always have the ability to do what you need to do, when you need to do it. As the amulet leads you deeper into Prosperity, you'll experience a condition of well-being, richness of life, fullness of spirit, and completeness as a being.

Opens access to natural abundance energy.

The Prosperity Amulet combined with the Prosperity Affirmation Induction is a good way to bring yourself into the state of mind where prosperity is an open possibility for you.

Real-Life Users of the Prosperity Amulet Have Reported:

  • Improved confidence,
  • Sense of fulfillment,
  • Taping into inner abundance,
  • Feeling a flow with right action,
  • Access to ability for right decision

The concept of "Prosperity" in antiquity and today in many cultures did not automatically mean personal wealth. It was more indicative of a condition of well-being and richness of life, and was meant in the sense of fullness of spirit, completeness as a being.

When referring to a person, prosperity means "successful", "flourishing" or "thriving". Only in relation to a country does it mean "booming economy".

What People are Saying About the Prosperity CQR Amulet

"I love my Prosperity Amulet. It is right on my heart, morning, noon and night. If I miss putting it back on, I can feel the difference. It really does bring Prosperity of lots of love, lots of understanding, monetary needs, etc. If you do not have one, you need to get one. Your life will change for the better. That is my experience with the Prosperity Amulet."


"My son purchased a prosperity amulet for me. I have been wearing it to work and have noticed a "shift" with not only the residents but also the staff and of course myself.

"Have noticed more changes. I feel stronger both physically and mental/emotionally; with staff I work with seem to be calmer and not as negative, work flows smoother; one client has regained his yes/no verbal responses (don't know if its the amulet) but have noticed most clients seem to be happier.

"This is the reason I have ordered a quantum witch. Thank you for these amulets.

"Wishing you love,light and laughter."


"I've been here in paradise for 3 weeks now. It's very nice. After a while you have to stop thinking it's a coincidence that everything goes your way and start believing in the power of the amulet and your mind. I'm a believer."

—D.S., Bangkok

"My prosperity amulet arrived this afternoon. I put it on and ... got a call telling me that my father's estate has a check for me in the amount of $150,000!"

—S.C., Riverside, California

"When I first saw the Prosperity Amulet I wanted to get it. Times are tough right now so I was reluctant to spend the money. Days went by and I could not get it out of my head. I finally ordered it. As soon as I did, I got the information that I had saved over $300.00 on a recent bill I had."

—D.D., USA

"I secured 2 contracts that had been in limbo and got 3 new assignments—all in one day—after I started to wear my Prosperity Amulet."

—R.C., Nelson, BC

"The day I first wore the amulet I received $600 in cash that had been owed to me. My business is retail sales and within a week of wearing the amulet my business had nearly doubled and has remained at that level. A friend who I missed very much and had been trying to find for five years contacted me and we were coincidentally going to be in the same city so I met up with her. I've been trying to consolidate my debts and two days after I got the amulet a close friend offered to lend me (an interest free loan) the money rather than going to the bank. Spiritual prosperity has been very prevalent since the amulet has been with me, many of the magical coincidences have occurred in that way the universe has of showing us we're on our path. I have felt fortunate my entire life but this amulet has heightened all that is good in life."

—M.J., Victoria, BC

"Hey I wanted to tell you what happened after I got my Prosperity beta blocker. 3 weeks after getting it, I finally found a way out of working a job that I wasn't happy with and moving back to Thailand where I have always wanted to live. I am going to be living on Phuket Island as a resort owner!! I found an awesome deal on a small resort that is already running and successful. I have been able to sell my house here in the US in 2 days, as well as our 3 cars. Everything just works out and goes smoothly now. The best 99 dollars I ever spent. I even tried it on Blackjack. I put it out with the chips and won a thousand dollars in 30 minutes. Right now I'm just waiting for March 12th to fly to Thailand! I'll keep you posted.

"Oh, and remember the shop I was going to open in Dallas? Another similar shop opened there last month and isn't doing well at all! That could have been me ....."

—D.N., Dallas, TX

"I am in the belief that the beta-blocker amulets work in accordance with your intentions.

"Example, you decide to be more Prosperous. You decide to obtain a Prosperity Amulet to assist you in actualizing this intention. The ordering, purchasing and aquiring of the amulet, I believe, work in synergy to strengthen your intention to live a prosperous life. You receive your amulet in the mail. Wow! Thread it with your chain or chord and place it around your neck. This is the magical ceremony that opens the door to a multitude of prosperous probabilities. Prosperities imagined and beyond.

"The amulet represents your intention to allow prosperity to enter into your life. Now your only job is to notice your life with all the love and attention you could muster.

"The Prosperity Amulet may be for many a solution to a problem, an answer to a prayer or just a pal to chum around with. The crystal radio in the Prosperity is alive, by definition, a crystal is sentient.

"Did the amulet come into existence because you wanted it or do you want it because it's here. The chicken or the egg? 6 of one—half a dozen of another.

"I believe intentions have brought the Beta-Blockers into existence, into your very hands.

"Your amulet arrives! You put it on. You are always aware of it even if it is only in some small way. If you have forgotten it by your bedside or in the shower, don't you, if you can, go get it right away and put it back on? Many folks tell me they do this. I know I do!

"I ask myself every night, in which ways was I Prosperous today? I am still always amazed at how long the list always turns out to be."

Y.G., Grass Valley, California

"Better to wear the Prosperity amulet with the numbers OUT. It affects the throat right away. With the #'s out it is magnetizing the auric field, the fire element is strong—burning off the trash around you, it allows you to be seen, has a protection to allow your light to shine, it keeps predators away, the reptilian brain is ignored, almost like a higher chakra realm, angelic realm, helps you to 'do,' it's a 'divine empowerment', starts from the heart, it allows you to reconnect to your original life purpose and helps you fulfill that original life purpose, helps you to free yourself from guilt of your past mistakes and helps you to explore."

—Brianna, Vancouver, BC

Remember that we can never predict just what kind of effect a given amulet will have on you. You might discover effects when working with any amulet which are not mentioned or listed anywhere.

What is Beta Blocker Crystal Quantum Radio (CQR) Technology?

This unique technology is the registered invention of E. J. Gold, early biofeedback pioneer and author of the 1964 classic, Alternate Worlds Beyond the Galaxy.

Beta Blocking has to do with calming down the chatterbox "beta mind"–the voice in your head that never gives you any peace because it won't shut up, ever. This is achieved with a cleverly applied combination of radiowave technology, beat-frequency oscillation, harmonic resonance, waveform reduction and electronic biofeedback of the salt-water electrolytic biocomputer (commonly referred to as the "human being").

These Beta-Blocker Crystal Quantum Radio Amulets are tuned to the Schumann Harmonic, the World-Sound made by radio waves emanating from the stars and the explosive force of the Big Bang at the moment of Creation. Never needs batteries or recharging, this quantum device is powered directly by radio waves from outer space.

In other words, E. J. Gold's Beta Blockers use vintage 1900s crystal radio technology to calm your busy brain and allow your natural spiritual, psychic and intuitive abilities to come through. Users report interesting results related to creativity, skills, prosperity, lucid dreaming, past lives recall, relationships, parallel worlds, paranormal activity, harmony, relaxation, intelligence, memory, and more.

For more information visit our Beta Blocker Crystal Quantum Radio Technology FAQ or visit the Yoyodyne Industries or Brane-Power websites.

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