Ring of Scrying

  • $80.00

Tune In to the Teaching, Guidance, and Wisdom

The Ring of Scrying is a black obsidian, 12mm bead set on a solid, 12 gauge, pure copper, double banded ring.

Consecrated, charged, and attuned for scrying, this magnificent piece brings the presence of the auguries by resonance alone. It doesn't matter whether you actually use the obsidian bead for scrying or if you use the ring itself to enhance your card-reading, crystal gazing, dream-interpreting, or any other form of divination, the Ring of Scrying will serve to connect you.

Even if kicking it with the guides isn't your style, you can use your Ring of Scrying to diminish resistance while enhancing creativity and sensitivity.

About My Work, by Viento de Octubre, Creator of the Ring of Scrying

Viento de Octubre preparing for a Tarot reading

"Divination is a conversation with the sacred. The cards are best employed to navigate life with more elegance. Bring me your life questions. Let's explore your path and current situation ...

"In an effort to further define my work, I came up with Viento’s Reading Chamber. It is a combination of decades of work in guiding the dead and bardo voyaging; shamanic training in the Dreaming, astral voyaging, shadow dancing, shapeshifting, working with elementals, Diaphanous Shell technology (including time-travel, lifetime accesses points, other-lives message retrieval, and more); 4th Way work on presence and attention, awakening the machine; Aka Dua transformational energy work; sex magick; work with yoga, meditation, banishment, purification, consecration, invocation, evocation, the pursuit of the Knowledge and Conversation of my Holy Guardian Angel; and tarot. All of which is an act of Devotion in response to Aspiration—the call to the sacred.

"The tarot is, in this case, a honing device, or a magnifying glass, or a scrying mirror. It is a tool that allows me to quickly access specific chambers within the bardos, all with the intent to offer help to the essential self—from the passages of the bardo all the way to their current incarnation.

"We'll see where it goes."

To learn more about Viento de Octubre and his work, visit his awesome website and blog.

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