Spiritual Gaming

Spiritual Gaming

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Spiritual Gaming by E.J. Gold

6" x 9" format, paperbound.

What is it exactly that transforms games and gaming into something higher, something which we call “spiritual”? This book endeavors to answer that question and to delve rather deeply into the issues which arise.

We can learn many practical things from games and gaming; we all know that kindergarten is mostly learning games, including sandbox, musical chairs and recess, but did you ever consider chess a learning game? It was developed to teach the basic tactics and strategies of military command in ancient Egypt.

Examples of learning games abound, and many of them are cited in this volume, but the subject of videogames and table games are primary objects of focus in this dissertation. Learning to traverse the shocking ambushes of the Bardo, the Between-Lives State, and to function well in the Psychic-Intuitive Alpha-Theta State are definable goals of this book, and within its pages you will find many testimonials to this functional effect of the training described herein.

“Well worth the reading, I have already applied several of the ideas in this book.”

—JWS, London, England

“I have had many psychic experiences but never really understood that there was something that I could do with them.”

—M.N., Vancouver, B.C.

“If I had only had this book in hand before my first out of body experience!!!”

—LSC, Montreal, Canada

“I knew there had to be something out there like this, and finally I've found it. I have a better handle on what's happening to me in the Alpha-Theta State, and thank you for that!”

—P.L., Los Angeles, California

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