The Lost Works of E.J. Gold

The Lost Works of E.J. Gold

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The Lost Works of E.J. Gold

Large format paperback.

All these texts were written over forty years ago and published as separate pamphlets—often printed by the author himself—in very limited editions. Many of these were highly acclaimed when they first appeared, but gradually went out-of-print. In this volume, The Lost Works of E.J. Gold, they have been assembled as chapters. Some of the individual titles alone stir one deeply when read aloud—“You Look Somehow Familiar Forever”, “Spontaneous Surrender”, “Cosmic Acupuncture” and “The Butterfly of Retribution”, to name a few.

In these early works, Gold asserted himself by the clarity of his thoughts and his practical approach to transformation. The language used in these early writings is particularly essence-oriented. His formulations are exact and unequivocal. His straightforwardness remains one of his trademarks to this day. E.J. Gold presented a central vision in these writings that he has continued to express in many forms and many artistic genres over the decades.

Rediscovering these early writings is a powerful reminder that we must preserve that which has preceded us and diligently transmit it to those who follow in our path for the survival of the Teaching. We trust that The Lost Works of E.J. Gold will provide a gateway for readers to lay some basic groundwork for further inner explorations.


“Reading these writings has stirred anew certain parts of my being that respond to a deep inner voice which will not be silenced. Anyone reading The Lost Works of E.J. Gold will find many occasions to be stirred into awakening. We wish this to benefit them in their search.”

—Linda Corriveau, Editor

“I really do think that he is one of the most interesting ‘descendants’ of Gurdjieff alive today and I always read anything he writes with great interest.”

—Colin Wilson, author of The Outsider and After Life: The Survival of the Soul

“E.J. Gold offers a rich feast. With finger poking us to wake up and pointing the way, he is a timeless translator for a lasting tradition in a clear and potent format.”

—Dan Millman, author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Everyday Enlightenment: The 12 Gateways to Personal Growth

“E.J. Gold has hit the nail squarely on the head … to complete one's own inner transformation is the only task worth taking seriously. Everything else is secondary.”

—Robert S. de Ropp, author of The Master Game and Warrior's Way

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