The Master Game

The Master Game

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The Master Game: Pathways to Higher Consciousness by Robert S. de Ropp

Trade paperback.

The ground-breaking 70's study of the varieties of yoga and meditation available in the West. De Ropp's eye-opening book still holds up well as the report of a scientist exploring the possibilities of consciousness. Explores the human psyche and the specific techniques through which one can achieve the highest possible levels of consciousness.

Readers' Perspectives

The Master Game: Pathways to Higher Consciousness may have been written in the 1950s, but it is astonishing in its relevance to the present.

“De Ropp frames human existence in terms of the games man plays, grouping them into object games (the pursuit of wealth, fame, and resources) and meta games (the pursuit of beauty and truth), and identifying the Master Game (the pursuit of enlightenment) as the only one worth playing.

“I've found his candor and utter disdain for object games and organized religion really refreshing, and he is as eloquent on the drug experience as he is honest about how it will not lead to enlightenment.

“I haven't read anything with this much enthusiasm in years!”

“This book is extraordinarily revealing and provides valuable insight into human psychology and the human psyche. I highly recommend it, although it is not light reading. You can actually look back over human history and see the different, often dangerous games that have been played out. This book provides the insight into those different games humans play and the reasons for those games. More importantly, though, which game do we, as individuals, tend to play? And why?”

“This is the book that I read in 1970 that started me on the path of self-development. It was written by a bio-chemist and is based loosely on the Gurdjieff system, but it includes information from many traditions. You might think of it as a ‘Self-realization 101’ book.”

“Now here is a book that will make a great foundation for the start of your serious spiritual journey. I am so glad for this reprint of the original. This is a book that I should have read 30 years ago—well, better late than never. Read it once, go back and read it again, and take some notes. It is that good.”

“Loved it. Amazing theory for those on a spiritual path. It further clarifies why some people just aren't ready to discover the master game.”

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