Visions in the Stone

Visions in the Stone

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Visions in the Stone: Journey to the Source of Hidden Knowledge by E.J. Gold

Trade paperback.

“The book you hold in your hands is as dangerous as a letter-bomb. It might blow your head off… Be prepared for a weird journey and a Zen hotfoot at the end.”

—Robert Anton Wilson, author of The New Inquisition, Cosmic Trigger, and The Illuminatus Trilogy

“Like a metaphysical travelogue—literary, charming and endlessly intriguing—E.J. Gold's brilliant prose teases us into the mysteries of other dimensions in the accomplished manner of a true adept.”

—José Argüelles, author of Surfers of the Zuvuya and The Mayan Factor

“The Paleo-electric Shaman, E.J. Gold, has tricked us again! The first half of this present work is in fact subject to question. The second half of this curious volume has much to offer those interested in internal and external archaeology.”

—Joan Halifax, author of Shamanic Voices and President of the Ojai Foundation

“E.J. Gold uses evolutionary senses, rich illustrations, metaphoric illusions to lift the reader into the reality of his adventure and his world… Highly recommended for those who like to ‘open’ artifacts in order to receive knowledge”

—Teresa van Etten, author of Ways of Indian Magic, Ways of Indian Wisdom and Creation in Stone

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