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Change Your Life

NOTE: The ZoneBox is intended to be used with the ZoneBox Inductions. The Relaxation induction is included free with purchase of a ZoneBox; the other 10 inductions are available for purchase HERE.

Set yourself up to handle your deepest life issues and change your life. Reprogram with the ZoneBox through deep meditation and induction.

Convenient and tailor-made for dealing with your life's worries, the ZoneBox is effective and easy to use.

Comes with FREE Logbook and FREE Relaxation CD.

A Complete Program for Life Change in 11 Key Aspects

The The ZoneBox Life Meta-Programming System consists of the ZoneBox and 11 Induction Meditations on CD. Each of the Induction Meditations has been designed by E.J. Gold to help you in a different area of your life.

Here's a description of the 11 ZoneBox Induction Meditations and the specific life issues each Induction Meditation helps with:

  1. Relaxation (FREE with your ZoneBox purchase)
    1. Rest
    2. Tension release
    3. Quietude
    4. Calmness
  2. Worry
    1. Personal worries
    2. Money worries
    3. Family issues
    4. Past issues
    5. Stress
    6. Job worries
    7. Boss issues
    8. Coworker issues
    9. Sadness
    10. Despair
    11. Depression
    12. Right decisions
    13. Nightmares
    14. Sea of troubles
  3. Self-Esteem
    1. Courage
    2. Confidence
    3. Self-value
  4. True Love
    1. Faithfulness
    2. High communication
    3. Harmony
    4. Compatibility
    5. Congeniality
  5. Energizer
    1. Increased energy
    2. Chi
    3. Balanced meridians
  6. Wellness
    1. Balanced chi
    2. Harmonized chakras
    3. Deep levels of peaceful restorative meditation
    4. Restful sleep
  7. Lucid Dreaming
    1. Deep levels of restorative sleep
    2. Lucid dreams
    3. Better Dream Memory
    4. Some initiative and volition during dreams which are astral or interdimensional travel
  8. Prosperity
    1. Abundance
    2. Confidence
    3. High spiritual awareness
    4. Right decisions
    5. Right action
    6. Sense of fulfillment
    7. Lucky Path
    8. Infinite Light
  9. Inner Beauty
    1. Radiant Essential Self shines through material form
    2. Fat burner
    3. Mirror of radiance
    4. Manifest Being
  10. Psychic Self-Defense
    1. Freedom from impaction and obstruction resulting from psychic spiritual disembodied sources
  11. Spirit Guide
    1. Guidance from Above
    2. Angelic Guides
    3. Connection with higher levels of Being
    4. Contact with Guardian Angel
    5. Messages from Beyond

    What People Are Saying About the ZoneBox

    "I continue to find the ZoneBox™ and Inductions a necessity. If only every person could have one. One observation is that the consistent use of the ZoneBox has opened some doors of perception. I wish to try the Beacon now, as I have walked through several parallel universe doors lately, mostly in dream time. The Worry meditation has been of inestimable value during this economic crunch time."

    —Samantha S., Marion, Ohio

    "I felt chakras align and a bit of a blockage in my neck area relax. I had restful sleep that night. Subsequent sessions, which I kept to five-eight minutes, produced similar effects as well as a clarity that I much appreciated. During the night of the final use of the ZoneBox, I experienced vivid dreams of working in community with demanding and disorganized people culminating in an out of body experience that was at first a little frightening as I became so dizzy with phases of me undulating out and up and forward. When I gave in to the experience, it became less overwhelming, and like a child on a carnival ride, I wanted to 'go again'."

    —Sharon S., San Antonio, TX

    What is Beta Blocker Crystal Quantum Radio (CQR) Technology?

    These unique technology is the registered invention of E. J. Gold, early biofeedback pioneer and author of the 1964 classic, Alternate Worlds Beyond the Galaxy.

    Beta Blocking has to do with calming down the chatterbox "beta mind"–the voice in your head that never gives you any peace because it won't shut up, ever. This is achieved with a cleverly applied combination of radiowave technology, beat-frequency oscillation, harmonic resonance, waveform reduction and electronic biofeedback of the salt-water electrolytic biocomputer (commonly referred to as the "human being").

    These Beta-Blocker Crystal Quantum Radio Amulets are tuned to the Schumann Harmonic, the World-Sound made by radio waves emanating from the stars and the explosive force of the Big Bang at the moment of Creation. Never needs batteries or recharging, this quantum device is powered directly by radio waves from outer space.

    In other words, E. J. Gold's Beta Blockers use vintage 1900s crystal radio technology to calm your busy brain and allow your natural spiritual, psychic and intuitive abilities to come through. Users report interesting results related to creativity, skills, prosperity, lucid dreaming, past lives recall, relationships, parallel worlds, paranormal activity, harmony, relaxation, intelligence, memory, and more.

    For more information visit our Beta Blocker Crystal Quantum Radio Technology FAQ or visit the Yoyodyne Industries or Brane-Power websites.

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